This is a tale of two fools.

Well, one ambitious fool and a younger brother that wouldn’t let him do it alone. Ayman and Hoss are a pair of Egyptian born, New Zealand raised Hamiltonians that love: music, video games and making cool stuff.

One day, Hoss asked Ayman “so what are you doing for your 30th”

Ayman responded: “I was thinking of putting a gig on – low key four or so bands – super chill – maybe set up some LAN stuff or some Crash Team Racing – super chill, nothing fancy. Actually though, I could see if the boys wanted to do some display fighting”

Two days later:
Hoss – “Lily Mou said he’ll fight you if we find a wrestling ring”
Ayman – “I mean, I could ask around but there’s no way I’ll find a wrestling ring”

Three days later:
Ayman – “oh snap, I found a ring! did you know Hamilton has a prowrestling circuit?”

“you know what, f*ck my 30th – if we do it a month later, we could do something really crazy”

The guy that got us into this mess. He used to be a comedian, radio DJ and now runs Mad Arab Industries.

Favourite bands: System of a Down, Gojira, Elder and Alcest

Favourite Games: Cup head, Hollow Knight and Age of Empires II.

He’s incharge of ticketing, line up, sponsors, logistics, marketing and writing profiles in the third person.

His official title is: Picturemancer, he makes all the visual assets for Bridge City Beat Down, Mega Maw and Mad Arab.

Despite his weapon’s grade cynicism, Hoss was unable to convince Ayman not to go ahead with BCBD.

Favourite bands: Outkast, Opeth and Bill Withers.

Favourite Games: Dark Souls, Morrowind and Hades.

Will these two dudes pull off the most ambitious alternative gig Hamilton has ever seen? Or will they end their quadruple summersault swan dive with an agonising belly flop into shark infested waters?

There’s only one way to find out! See you at Hamilton’s first and possibly only ever Bridge City Beat Down!

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