Pull Down the Sun

Groove metal giants from Whanganui sing about New Zealand.

Mega Maw

Three dweebs turn serious moshpits into childish lolly scrambles.

Downfall of Humanity

Mechanical engineers find joy in cheesy vocal harmonies over top melodic gallops.

†he First Child

Small weeb screams about anime and giant robots.

Pale Flag

Angry Englishman asserts domminance over slamming deathcore.

Achilles Complex

Four Chads attempt to convince the audience that they’re not music nerds.

JP & the Drag Kings

Killer stripper does crimes to funk rock.

Chasing South

Post Hardcore kids dancing angrily in their PJs.


Jared Ipsen makes pretty noises with his pals.

Freaky Meat

Slam poet walks in on a progressive metal band’s set and doesn’t get kicked off stage.


Sad girl sings about being sad while metal kids make metal.


Insane asylum escapees attempt to masquerade as a band from Tauranga.

You know you want to







Seriously do it!

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